AIMF, in partnership with the Telluride Institute, has launched VERTEX to represent the Mountain Partnership in the North American, Central American, and Caribbean region. By building a community of mountain stakeholders (anyone who has a vested interest in the health and well-being of  mountain environments and communities), the initiative will help create a global voice for our regional mountains.

VERTEX’s goals are to:

  • Build a Community” of mountain stakeholders
  • Establish a Campaign for Mountains” to raise awareness on key issues
  • Advocate for proactive mountain policies and agendas
  • Convene major mountain summits in the region
  • Undertake sustainability-related projects
  • Host a virtual communications and social media platform

VERTEX looks forward to building a vibrant network of Mountain Partnership members in the region and developing into a high-functioning organization that actively supports its members.  Please look for the VERTEX website, which is currently under development.