Linda Giudice joined AIMF's Board in December 2013. She is currently an independent consultant with practice areas in sustainability, adaptation & resilience, and organizational development, effectiveness, & transformational change. During and post recent graduate studies she gained sustainability experience at various organizations and on a range of projects and initiatives. This included CU Boulder’s Environmental Center, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Sustrana LLC, a boutique sustainability technology and consulting firm, and the City of Aspen. Before dedicating her career to sustainability practice, she worked for Vector Group’s Russian subsidiary in Moscow where she served in various capacities in support of venture capital, privatization, and business development projects. Successively, she was appointed as Gallaher Group’s Divisional Director of Corporate Affairs & HRM for the CIS, Northern Europe, & Developing Markets regions. In 2011, Linda graduated with a MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder specializing in policy and social sciences. She also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago (2001) and BA in Russian & East European Studies from the University of Vermont (1988). 

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Photo courtesy of  Linda Anderson

Photo courtesy of Linda Anderson

The contemplation of Mont Blanc's unchanging summits for three or four days last month, the sight of that eternal snow, immaculate, sublime in its whiteness and calm, was enough to restore to my soul a serenity it had not known for a long time.” - George Sand, Lettres d'un Voyageur