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Altaire Cambata 

Board Member

Altaire Cambata is a practicing Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist living in Boulder, CO. She has a background in Anthropology and Global Sustainability with a B.A. from the University of Virginia.  She conducted her Master’s research on and with seaweed farming communities in Indonesia, where subsistence farming and cash crops were being effected by unpredictable weather fluctuations as a result of climate change (MSc. Climate Change and International Development from the Institute of Development Studies.) Having always been fascinated with the applications of medicinal plants, she now studies and practices herbal medicine systems and traditional shamanic healing from around the world. She is currently designing an online course entitled: “Developing Your Vital Force: An 8-Week Herbal Wellness Training for Warriors of a New Earth.” She is passionate about supporting change-makers to tap into their full wellness potential so that they can carry their missions farther and with utmost impact in these times of transformation on the planet. Within the scope of AIMF’s mission, she is most passionate about supporting indigenous people who create sustainable products using their traditional ecological knowledge. She has worked in various communications and education roles for UNESCO, WWF-US, WWF-UK, PhotoVoice, UK, The Coral Triangle Center, Same Skies Refugee Empowerment Project, the Aspen Art Museum and Mountain Island Ranch. Altaire recognizes that mountains and their communities are sacred features of our global landscape and are at considerable risk due to climate change. She hopes to raise children in a world where glaciers and rare mountain plants still reside. You can read more about her work at